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Armageddon Onslaught


In 2060, when the seven seals will be broken and the Four Horsemen will be free to roam the world, the apocalypse will begin.
The prophet and his prostitute will corrupt the men, and the Antichrist will lead his black armies on the earth, bringing humanity to the brink of extinction. But even in the blackest darkness, the light can shine.
In the desperate struggle against the army of hell, some humans discover to be demi-angels gifted with unimaginable powers. Armed with swords, big guns, and incredible celestial powers, capable of reducing enemies to salt and even slowing down the time, they will have to face horrors of all kinds and fulfill the darkest of the prophecies.


Run, shoot, dodge, and slice; an explosive mix that will chain you to the pad.
◾ Explore a dark, gothic world devastated by the advent of the apocalypse.
◾ Upgrade your character, level up, buy weapons, armor, and terrifying celestial powers.
◾ Bullet Hell: Freeze incoming enemy bullets with your sword and pass through them.
◾ Share the massacre: Yes, you know, with a friend! You can play single or local co-op.
◾ Each Demi-Angel is endowed with unique powers.
◾ Dynamic dismemberments: Blast your enemies in a shower of blood, incinerate them, strip them to the bone, or just cut them to pieces.
◾ Heavy Metal Soundtrack: Delight your ears with this divine metallic music.
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