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Age of Barbarians Chronicles


Chronicles is a crude and violent action RPG game in pure Sword & Sorcery style. Get ready to live the heroic and bloody adventures of barbarians, amazons, and sorcerers against the insane and omnipotent Sorcerer Gods, absolute masters of the prehistoric world of Atlan.

The world is old... ancient.
The stories about to be told are lost in the nights of time.
Two moons still shone in the sky, and the world was prehistoric.
Only Atlan, the land of the created, carried with it glimmers of civilization.
But it was already too ancient, decadent, and would soon disappear forever.
So let me tell you about the memories of those ancestral times.
The chronicles of men and women who fought, prayed, loved, and hated so that all would not be lost.
Let me tell you, The Barbarians' chronicles.

Key Features:
  • A Savage Prehistoric World to Discover: Explore the ancient lost land of Atlan, filled with legends, mysteries, prehistoric beasts, and nightmarish creatures. Encounter civilizations with ancient customs and unique mythology.

  • Refined and Brutal Combat Mechanics: Master the art of combat with a diverse range of moves, including dodges, parries, blocks, various attack types, counterattacks, rolls, unbalances, and blood-filled fatalities.

  • Loot Armor, Weapons, and Shining Treasures: Conquer the ancient dungeons of Atlan to find powerful weapons, shields, armor, helmets, rings, and other treasures that enhance your combat efficiency.

  • Old-School RPG and More: Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of old-school RPG elements, drawing inspiration from the RPG system of the same name, Age of Barbarians, set in the enthralling Sword & Sorcery universe.

  • Barbaric Cooperative Action: Team up with a friend to venture into the perilous world of Atlan, explore ancient dungeons, embark on side quests, or complete the campaign cooperatively.

  • Save Companions and Let Them Help You: Assemble a party of adventurers for increased strength, but be mindful that shared experience points will be divided among your companions.

  • Handcrafted and Procedural Dungeons: Experience a captivating mix of carefully hand-designed dungeons and procedural layouts, ensuring endless combinations and making each exploration unique and rewarding

Age of Barbarians Chronicles - Characters
Meet the Heroes of Atlan:
Xodan l'hulslauker - The Fierce Barbarian King:
  • Xodan, the mighty King of barbarians, is a fearless warrior with a thirst for vengeance and the strength to match. He wields a massive battle axe and his battle cries strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.
  • Abilities: Powerful melee attacks, berserker rage, and leadership that inspires allies.

Yanah - The Enigmatic Oracle Warrior:
  • Yanah, the Queen oracle warrior, is a master of both sword and sorcery. With an air of mystery surrounding her, she channels ancient prophecies to guide her allies and command the elements in battle.
  • Abilities: Versatile swordplay, elemental magic, and clairvoyant insights.

Ronkundar - The Skilled Mage:
  • Description: Ronkundar, the gifted mage, harnesses the arcane arts to devastate foes from a distance. With spellcasting prowess and a vast knowledge of ancient spells, he is an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Abilities: Destructive elemental magic, summoning abilities, and utility spells.

Gorlo - The Stalwart Dwarf  Warrior:
  • Description: Gorlo, the unyielding dwarf warrior, is a master of defense and tactics. With his trusty shield and indomitable spirit, he stands tall against even the most formidable adversaries.
  • Abilities: Impenetrable defense, tactical combat maneuvers, and resilient stamina.

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News and Updates:

  • Age of Barbarians Chronicles - Build v0.6.2
    Hello Barbarians!
    The new version, 0.6.2, is ready with many improvements.
    Chronicles is slowly taking shape.
    Have a great start to the week, everyone!
  • Age of Barbarians Chronicles - The Heroes of Atlan
    Hail Barbarians!
    We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited release of the brand-new video trailer for our action-packed RPG, "Age of Barbarians Chronicles"!
    Don't forget to put "like"!
    And to add the game to your Steam wishing list!

Events and Showcases:
gamescom 2023 ( From August 23 to 27, 2023)
Booth Number: hall 10.2, E016g – D017g.
Cologne Germany

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