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Fact Sheet

Based in San José,
Costa Rica

Founding date:
February, 2009


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A non-stop action game, completely skill based. Immerse yourself into an incredible adventure in a world inspired by the 80s’ Sword & Sorcery fantasy.
Frantic action, brutal fighting, monsters, romance, and plenty of Heavy Metal rhythms.


In a kingdom conquered by an evil sorcerer, a beautiful girl known for her prophesies as the Oracle predicts  the coming of a savior, a Barbarian who will come from far away and break the chains of slavery.


-  Six game characters: What are their destinies? It depends on you, as each character has unique abilities and special moves.

-  Multiple endings: the endings depend not only on the chosen character, but also on the series of actions taken during the game.

- Deadly mini games: Several brutal mini games that will challenge your reflex.

- Grindhouse / B-movie effects: This is optional, but definitely recommended for fans of low budget 80s sword & sorcery movie.

-  Gore, Blood and Guts: Massacre your enemies, chop them in pieces.

-  Non-stop action: No breaks, you must always be on guard.

-  Completely Skill Based: No RPG elements, everything is based on your reflexes and your abilities as a player.

-  Versus Mode: Challenge anybody - your friend, your girlfriend, your relative - and find out who is the strongest.

-  Full Heavy Metal soundtrack: Go wild on a battleground to Heavy Metal rhythm.


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Team & Repeating

Christian Fanucci
Artist, Programmer, Designer

Catherine Thalman
Programmer, Web Developer  
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