Armageddon Onslaught

2060 the apocalypse arrived and humanity is on the edge of extinction. To oppose the apocalypse, four formidable warriors arise. Their names are Michael, Morrigan, Brunhild, and Gabriel, four kick-ass fighting Angels, who will have to face bloodthirsty hordes of undead, biblical beasts, and demons.



◾ Run and gun and shoot 'em up: An explosive mix that will chain you to your pad.
◾ Skill-based: Shoot and cut; this will be your motto.
◾ Bullet Hell: Freeze the incoming enemy bullets with your sword and then step through them.
◾ Share the massacre; Yes, you know, with a friend, you can play in single-player or local co-op.
◾ Four game characters: Angels: unstoppable gods of battle from different mythologies.
◾ Gore, Blood and Guts: Explode your enemies in a shower of blood, or simply cut them into pieces.
◾ Armor and sword are upgradeable and don't get distracted, or you'll end up in your underwear.

◾ Epic Metal soundtrack: Delight your ears with this metallic music.

◾ Your music: if you want, you can replace the game's music with your favorite tracks.


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