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A glass of beer, a pen, some polyhedral dices, a splash of blood, and a consumed notebook. This week, I want to share this with you, guys.



Hi Guys, this week, we want to share a couple of new screenshots of Armageddon Onslaught.

If you like it, don't forget to add the game to your wishing list.

Stay tuned.



Winning an award is a tough task, especially for a game released in 2016. Anyhow, why not give it a try? If you want, vote:



Nine Questions to Fanucci Christian, the Game Designer of Crian Soft.

1- When will Armageddon Onslaught be release?
Even if the game is almost complete we've to keep some time for testing and publicity. So probably it will be released in March 2021.

2- Is it true that Age of Barbarians 2 will use an isometric perspective?
Yes, we can confirm that AOB2 will use an isometric view, Dragon's Crown like.

3- Will Age of Barbarians 2 have more RPG elements?
Yes, the game will still be action-oriented, but the Role-Playing game features will be significantly implemented than in its predecessor.

4- Do you have a Patreon? I would like to support you.
We'll start a Patreon page soon, probably this January.

5- Is there gonna be a Karate Master 3?
Yes, KM3 is on our to-do list, but it will take a while.

6- How did you plan the development of Age of Barbarians 2 and Karate Master 3?
The main project right now is Armageddon Onslaught; However, we have already started working on AoB2. As soon as we finish working on Armageddon, we'll focus 100% on AOB2 (that will happen probably from this december) - Then, as soon as we'll get to a good point, we'll start to work on Karate Master 3 too.


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Armageddon Onslaught: In order to avoid the enemy's attacks, we've added the possibility to quickly step backward.
Ah, if you already didn't, don't forget to add the game to your Steam wishlist! Yeah!




Hey Guys, we're excited to announce to you that an Art Book, fully illustrated by Fanucci Christian, will be available at the release date of Armageddon Onslaught.

The Art Book will contain the illustrations of all the characters, nightmarish creatures and apocalyptic Demons you will encounter in the terrifying world of Armageddon Onslaught.



In Armageddon Onslaught you could find some survivors, save them to finish the game in a good way. Otherwise, humanity will be doom.




Age of Barbarian Ex - Tip and curiosity 3
Did you know that...
Some of the characters' animations were realized by photographing in sequence Fanucci Christian as Rahaan and Catherine Thalman as Sheyna.




Hey you! As you know, Armageddon Onslaught will hypnotize you with fantastic Epic Metal soundtracks.

The song: "Armageddon Onslaught" was composed and performed from George Loukissas :


and singed by Dia Yiannopoulou :


They even performed the Songs for Metal Fury 3000 and Age of Barbarians.

More updates will come soon

The Armageddon Onslaught Demo is now available on Steam! What are you waiting for? Don't you know that the demons massacre puts in a good mood?

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We're very excited to announce that our next game, Armageddon Onslaught, will be available on Xbox One and Series X!
The release date on XBOX need still to be confirmed, anyway it should be the same of the Steam version, the 5th March, 2021.

Have you ever tried a real sword & sorcery game? This may be your chance.
Age of Barbarian and all our other games are on sale on the Steam Platform!


Armageddon Onslaught - Teaser Trailer


Hey guys, we want to take this apocalyptic occasion to show you the very first screenshot of Armageddon Onslaught!
Armageddon Onslaught is a mixed run and gun, shoot 'em up, in which you take control of a kickass angel, which will have to face hordes of zombies and demons of all kinds. More details will come very soon!


This week we want to announce to you that we're porting Armageddon, a 2D Side-Scrolling Shooter that we released some years ago, on Steam.

The Steam version of the game will be called "Armageddon Onslaught" that will present a sensible better graphic, some new mechanics and it will be longer than the original version.

For the occasion we've released a new update (1.0.2) for the game that you can download from the following link:

About the development of Age of Barbarians 2 is going great, but we're still not ready to show you any screenshots yet.

Stay tuned. More news will come soon!



Hey Barbarians, we're forging the sequel of Age of Barbarians.

Months to months, days to days, hours to hours, minutes to minutes, every second, the game becomes closer to its final path: the release day.

Anyhow, much remains to be done.

In the last month, we have worked mainly on the code; therefore, still, we aren't ready to show you any game images.

So we quote:

For us there is no spring Just the wind that smells fresh be·fore the storm



Other news

Stay tuned for more news


Hey Barbarians, we're excited to share with you some news about the Age of Barbarians II.
First of all, we can officially declare that Age of Barbarians 2 will be our next game!
So prepare yourselves to be bombarded with tons of news, very shortly.
Age of Barbarians 2 will be an action-adventure RPG, wholly realized in high-resolution 2d graphics.
Unlike its predecessor, it will be realized in an isometric perspective.
The game will be huge, ambient in an intense and refined fantasy world, freely explorable.
In addition to the epic main story, the game will contain a vast number of side quests, dungeons, towns and places to explores.
Lastly, but not least, we can confirm that Rahaan & Sheyna will be newly playable in the game!
Stay tuned!

25 gennaio 2025

Hey guys, 
First of all, I want to say Thank you, for all the support you give to Crian Soft! That's will never forget...
Now the big question is :
What's the future of the Age of Barbarians series?
Many features have been requested.
So many ideas, a lot of ambition... That is good
Now, "Age of Barbarians" is a game that was first released in 2012...
So, in order to add all the new features, you requested us, in order to create a new reference point on the history of the Sword & Sorcery games genre...
in simple words ... to make the game awesome!
We need to re-write the code from the very beginning.
For this reason, we're already working on AGE OF BARBARIANS 2
For the moment we cannot say anything else, we are not yet ready! .. DAMNED!!!!
Moreover, concerning the series, we can anticipate that we are also working on two other projects and that they are not video games.
But, this.. is another story!…
Now keep your belts fastened, because the next week we'll officially announce the name of our next upcoming sci-fi title.


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