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Hi Barbarians! Here's another animated GIF showing Sheyna riding a mighty Mok, a rather common beast in the Age of Barbarians world. And, for the first time, we also show you the new Sheyna's weapon, the Saw axe, a very brutal weapon. You can find it inside the Slaves' Fortress.
Stay tuned for more news ;)

Hi Barbarians! Here's an animated gif showing up a new enemy, that shoots you from faraway.
Moreover as you can notice, from the next update you'll be able to roll while running.
About the other screenshot, as you can see, we've added a far camera view.
Stay tuned! More news are coming very soon!

Hey Barbarians, we have some news about the development of the Slaves' Fortress the first DLC for Age of Barbarian Ex.
So we are at a good point, the DLC is almost completed, but we have yet to test it.
As you can see from the screenshot, we're working hard to produce a quality product, moreover we've added a lot of new features and graphics improvements to the original game, that we will reveal to you very soon
From now on, we'll post weekly updates on the project!
Stay tuned!

So guys here some news:
As you already know the new DLC (the Slaves' Fortress) for Age of Barbarian Ex, will add a whole new level to the main game. The new level will be accessible after you pass the Mountains of Kar-azza.
You'll encounter some new cool enemies, a new story, new NP Characters and... a new weapon. Among with all this, we'll release a Huge free update for the main game, that will add a lot of new stuff and improvements.
Because of the "size" of the project we need some more time, in order to achieve all the above-mentioned objectives. Furthermore, we need time to advertise (about this if you can help us, you'll be very welcome).
What's more? A new epic trailer will be revealed soon and we'll let you know the DLC release date as soon as we can.
More news are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Hi guys, today we'll show you one of the new features you'll see in the next update 1.8.3.
From the next update, will be possible to equip the Items, such as the bracelet, the necklace, etc.
Moreover we are adding more items to the game.
Some of the new items will be featured in the main game, others will only be available in the DLC.
The new update 1.8.3 will be released alongside the Slaves' Fortress DLC.
We'll keep you updated.

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.6.3 for ARENA an Age of Barbarians story, is ready!
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

New DLC announcement... The slaves' fortress.
Hey Barbarians, we are happy to announce that we're working on the first DLC for Age of Barbarian, that will be ready for the end of January.
The slaves' fortress, is a new dangerous side quest that will engage you for several hours.

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.6.1 is ready!
A new monster is waiting in the darkness: the Carrion Worm!
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

Hey Barbarians, here's the video trailer of our new upcoming DLC for ARENA an Age of Barbarians Story: Deathbringer, the dark warrior! There is no doubt he's a totally kickass guy!
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.5.9 is ready!
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

Age of Barbarians the Heavy Metal song, is the first song we have released for the Age of Barbarians series.
The song, written by Fanucci Christian, was composed and singed by George Loukissas an incredible composer and singer, who did an amazing performance!
Currently, the song is only available on Steam as DLC, but we're looking forward to put it on sell also in other channels.
We'll keep you updated.
Now, raise your glasses full of beer and ... blaring!

ARENA an Age of Barbarians story is Now Available on Steam!
Action, action and Action!
ARENA is a non-stop action game, completely skill based.
Frantic action, barbaric violence, monsters, crude sexual humor and Heavy Metal. A true 80s’ Sword & Sorcery game.
If you aren't afraid of a challenge then this game is for you!
"warning it can cause addiction"

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ARENA an AoB story will now release in August: Final Release date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017.
We understand that it might be disappointing to have to wait a little longer for the release, but we've tried our best to bring you the best game experience possible!
As you can see from the screenshots, we've taken the decision to add some very funny minigames inspired by classic movies and videogames and a lot of 80s Sword & Sorcery flavor.
We're also including a lot of black humour, a good heavy metal atmosphere, sensuality and lot of gory violence.
Ah, don't forget that, as previously announced, we're also working on "Heavy Metal song" called "Age of Barbarians".
We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

Crian Soft, is excited to present you our new game, ARENA an Age of Barbarians story!
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story, is a non-stop action game, completely skill based. Frantic action, brutal fighting, monsters, romance, and plenty of Heavy Metal rhythms.
The game will be available this spring in the Steam Store:
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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