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ARENA an Age of Barbarians story is Now Available on Steam!
Action, action and Action!
ARENA is a non-stop action game, completely skill based.
Frantic action, barbaric violence, monsters, crude sexual humor and Heavy Metal. A true 80s’ Sword & Sorcery game.
If you aren't afraid of a challenge then this game is for you!
"warning it can cause addiction"

The release day is coming. :) There's only four days left until the 15th September.
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story, is an Heavy Metal Arcade game! ARENA is irreverent, politically incorrect, full of gore, nudity and black humor.
If you are a challenging game lover, don't miss it up! \m/

Hey Barbarians, we received a lot of email about the censorship.
Don't worry, in the game's menu there is a Censored/Uncensored option, obviously it censor the nudity, not the bloodshed ;)
The release date is very close, begin to sharpen your blade!

Due all the scandalized reactions to the video of ARENA an Age of Barbarians story, we decided to realize a new edited version.
We didn't censored the gore and the dismemberments, but only the great "Taboo"... the nakedness.
So, here's a New censored version video of ARENA an Age of Barbarians story.
Please help us to share this news.
We're sad to announce that from causes not dependent on us, we are forced to delay the release of ARENA an Age of Barbarians Story to the next month.
So, the next and final release date is set for September 15, 2017
What we can say... we're sorry we'll take this time to improve and add more contents to the game.
Just a little bit more of patience!

A short trailer of our upcoming Heavy Metal Fighting Fantasy game: ARENA an Age of Barbarians story

ARENA will be available on Steam from August 18.
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story!
We're thrilled to present you the new grindhouse-like trailer for ARENA!
The grindhouse/B-movie trailer is almost completely released with the in-game graphic effects that could be optionally disabled.
Age if Barbarians the Heavy Metal song will be available as DLC from Day One and even on Google Play Store.
The Release Date is just 18 days from today, Friday 18th! YEEEAH!
Get 30% off Age of Barbarian in the Steam Summer Sale!
Don't miss this opportunity to experience a true Sword & Sorcery game.

ARENA an AoB story will now release in August: Final Release date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017.
We understand that it might be disappointing to have to wait a little longer for the release, but we've tried our best to bring you the best game experience possible!
As you can see from the screenshots, we've taken the decision to add some very funny minigames inspired by classic movies and videogames and a lot of 80s Sword & Sorcery flavor.
We're also including a lot of black humour, a good heavy metal atmosphere, sensuality and lot of gory violence.
Ah, don't forget that, as previously announced, we're also working on "Heavy Metal song" called "Age of Barbarians".
We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

Hi Barbarians,
we're working on a Metal song called "Age of Barbarians" specifically written for the series and for all who like metal and Barbarians in general.
More news will coming soon, stay tuned!

New Release Date for ARENA an Age of Barbarians story.
To our beloved Barbarian fans:
We are sorry to say that we will not make the deadline for May 16th. We're going to need to delay the release until the 20th of June.
Because the very advanced state of the game, we decided to Not release the game in Early Access. We can also reveal that the final price of the game will be 9,99$.
We are also working on a level/dungeon randomization, in the way that each run will be different from the previous one.
As we have already mentioned, the game have also multiple endings available for each characters.
Guys, all we can add, is taht the game is really cool and very funny to play.
More news will come very soon
Get ready, Barbarians

Crian Soft, is excited to present you our new game, ARENA an Age of Barbarians story!
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story, is a non-stop action game, completely skill based. Frantic action, brutal fighting, monsters, romance, and plenty of Heavy Metal rhythms.
The game will be available this spring in the Steam Store:
ARENA an Age of Barbarians story. We are very close to open the Steam page, probably it will be ready this week!

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.8.0 is ready:
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!
Good morning (or whenever)!
Here some news about our next game "ARENA" an Age of Barbarians story.
- We added two new characters, for a total of six playable characters, directly inspired by the movie "Conan the Destroyer":
Mombata the terrible, a tall huge guy not too fast but very powerfull.
Xula the amazon! a lethal lady with a long halberd as a weapon, she is pretty fast and suitable for those who like long-range combat.
- We improved a lot the gameplay mechanics and the move set. We added a lot of funny little things and variables.
- Moreover we decided to add a completely new soundtracks to the game, that will be completely Heavy Metal.
Arena will rock, it's fast, cruel, sexy, a true Hardcore game.
More news will be announced soon!
Stay Tuned!!!

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.7.9 is ready:
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow 60% off Week Long Deal on Steam. Enjoy!

Another screenshot from the upcoming update 1.7.8
As you can notice, we added a new enemy, the Wyvern's Rider!

The upgrade 1.7.8 will be available from the next week.

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.7.7 is ready:
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

Barbarians, we are working hard on "ARENA" an Age of Barbarians story.
Actually, we are focusing on developing and improving the gameplay and the game mechanics.
We have realized something of very unique, so hope you like it! Arena will contains a lot of brutal fights, dismemberments, naked guys and chicks, moreover than traps and huge monsters.
The game will be released in early access, probably in a date between march and april.
Another couple of things, ARENA is not the sequel of Age of Barbarian Ex, ARENA is very much more focused on fights, it's a pure Hardcore game, it will not have RPG elements, will be completely a Skill based game
Historically ARENA is located on the same period of the events narrated in Age of Barbarian Ex.
We hope to open the Steam shop before the end of December.
More news and screenshots will come very soon.
Stay Tuned!!!

Hey Barbarians, we just released a new trailer of Age of Brbarian Ex 1.7.2! If you Like it,Share it!

Hey Barbarians, the update 1.6.8 is ready!
In the Jungle, the savages are waiting for you!

Hi pilots, we just released the update 1.3.9 for Battle Armor Division.

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